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STEM Fellows


Lai Cao

"Teaching Physics is my passion and promoting STEM disciplines is my commitment. I would like students at young ages to be exposed to science and mathematics in a suitable way, and that will enhance their curiosity, learning experiences, and motivation. As a result, their thinking abilities will developed better."

STEM Fellows Project:

"STEM for ALL"

1) I emphasize on applications of the STEM disciplines, make a connection between in class lectures to STEM related careers, and try to increase the number of girls/minority interested in STEM and taking higher level science/math/technology courses (such as AP Physics course, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science) 2) STEM Service Learning: My STEM Club will have service learning at elementary and middle schools. We want to promote STEM learning, be mentors for younger students, and collaborate with elementary and middle school teachers. One of our service learning activities is the school Annual STEM Day. Teachers and their students from STEM schools in the district are invited to participate in a variety of friendly competitions and science demonstrations/activities in this event.

What changes do you expect to see in your students by integrating STEM into your classroom?

- Positive attitude toward the STEM subjects. - Higher motivation and academic improvement and testing scores (ACT or EOC)  
-more self-disciplined and independent in learning.

How do you think we can raise awareness of STEM's value to parents?

- Try to have parents involved, volunteer in many STEM events.

-Ask for their expertise in class's projects, competitions, or ask for their help for some events (not necessary STEM events).

-Talk to them particularly about their children potential in science and math, and how far it can take their kids in terms of jobs or higher education.

-Bring in a practical data, real stories of former students who came from an average student population and now are successful in STEM field.

-Have actual data about job placements, salary, and especially what it takes to have a career in STEM field (such as good work ethic and self-discipline).

  • Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System