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Cardboard Challenge for Elementary Grades

The Knock Knock Children’s Museum is organizing its 3rd annual Knock Knock Cardboard Challenge Arcade. The event will take place at Knock Knock Children’s Museum on October 26, 2019. 

Space is limited, so cardboard games will be submitted by the school or group and 15 games will be selected by Knock Knock staff. The public will be invited to visit Knock Knock Children’s Museum on October 26 to play the games showcased in the arcade.

Schools are invited to submit one child-created cardboard arcade game to be highlighted at Knock Knock Children’s Museum.

If you wish to submit a game please complete the “Intent to Participate” form and submit to Knock Knock by September 27, 2019.

Watch the “Caine’s Arcade” film for inspiration ( There are many video examples of games on the YouTube and Pinterest. Download this great playbook: Watch video: • Have children start planning and designing their cardboard arcade games in preparation for the Cardboard Challenge Arcade. • Consider partnering children (preschool – grade 3) with students from an upper grade class, robotics club, or STEM lab students. They may be helpful in adding motion, lights, sound, or other features to the arcade games.

Be sure to read more about this event on the invitation to participate flyer here.

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