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About GenReady

About Us

The Baton Rouge region is home to global science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industry leaders and innovators in fields such as oil, natural gas, and chemical industries, high-tech, health sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Thus, our region’s ability to attract, develop, and retain STEM talent is vital for fostering opportunity for all citizens and economic innovation and competitiveness.

Network Overview

GEN READY is a capital area STEM collaborative dedicated to improving access to high-quality STEM resources and opportunities. Activated as the BR STEM Network in 2017, dedicated community members convened for over a year to map out a strategy.

The outcome of our efforts, GEN READY, re-imagines how community partners, in and outside of school, can work together to provide quality STEM education in our area. The phrase GEN READY communicates our vision - A generation fully prepared for work and life; A strengthened local and regional workforce. 

Gen Ready offers an Education to Employment roadmap that will meet the accelerating demand for STEM skills and specific STEM jobs in our region.  See Vision Document.

Four key focus areas form the basis of the roadmap: 

  • Future-ready student learning experiences, particularly for underrepresented in STEM and under-served
  • Opportunities and support for educators (in and out of school time)
  • Engagement of partners PK16, workforce development, and employers
  • Better informed parents and community

These four key focus areas form the basis of the roadmap that will be used to guide Gen Ready activities – which include investments, programmatic initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy.

  • Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System